Days of Steam Launches First Book -Last Train From Cleveland: The story of a Railyard Engineer

By Chip Deyerle, Author and Publisher

The train has left the station  in Roanoke and traveling to the famed City of Cleveland. Days of Steam Books is proud to announce its first major publication.

This is the story about the life of a Railyard Engineer who worked for the Norfolk & Western Railway in the early 1920’s. Working for the railroad was a challenge for men and women as the nation’s railroads went through a tumultuous period of labor unrest following World War One. But it was also a time when railroad families began to see slight improvements in healthcare and pension benefits through organizations like the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers with special life insurance programs. While this was an important aspect of railroad life due to safety hazards that imperiled the lives of workers, it was part of the sense of belonging to a “social” organization, rather than a ‘Union”. Based on letters from the past, follow the story of the life experiences of a railyard engineer and the trials he faced with strong family support during that period. His journey starts in the Roanoke, Virginia, N&W west rail yards and takes the reader on a journey through the rail yards  by steam engine to Cleveland as he and his wife seek urgent “state of the art” medical care in the famed Cleveland Clinic.

Last Train From Cleveland: The Story of a Railyard Engineer is available from