Last Train From Cleveland: The Story of Railyard Engineer: Progress Report #2

By Chip Deyerle, Days of Steam Books


Literary Roundhouse Report #2

Maintenance Report: Following reports of defective track and square ball bearings, LTFC is roundhouse rack and the Master Mechanic has the dictionary out to confirm correct parts usage and some steam phraseology.

Meanwhile a message was received from a reader that  Time Table Number 25  dated June 28, 1925, identified Train #3 as the best route to Cincinnati as there was no direct passenger service to Columbus, Ohio, via Portsmouth, Ohio. N&W passenger trains did run to Cincinnati for many years, and regularly. However, the dual N&W tracks did run passenger service at some point to Columbus Union station, but after 1925.

Replacement parts and revised text has been applied in several places to improve the ride, as well as the read. This should alleviate the bumps and jolts encountered during the train’s journey.

AT this point, LTFC is expected at the Virginia Museum of Transportation on time for Grand Parents Day , September 7-8, 2013 for the official book launch.  Readers of this website are invited to attend what will be a grand event.

New, revised copies of Last Train From Cleveland: the Story of a Railyard Engineer, will be available on or about Sept 5 2013..  The current version carried by will not be available after 8/29/2013.



Virginia, Amtrak and NS agree to extend passenger-rail service to Roanoke

 Provided this news bulletin.


Virginia, Amtrak, Norfolk Southern Railway and city of Roanoke, Va., officials have agreed to return passenger-rail service to Roanoke for the first time in 34 years, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced on Friday.

The new service between Lynchburg and Roanoke is the result of Virginia’s passage of its first new major transportation funding plan in three decades, railroad and Virginia officials said in a press release.

The McDonnell administration had “placed a high priority on extending Amtrak Virginia to Roanoke as a viable transportation option for travel to cities along the Northeast Corridor,” said Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton.

Conceptual design work and a rail capacity analysis is under way. NS, Amtrak and the city of Roanoke will perform the necessary work to restart the passenger-rail service.

NS supports the department’s efforts to return service to Roanoke, said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Wick Moorman.

“While freight is at the core of Norfolk Southern’s business, we understand the importance of passenger service to the Roanoke Valley,” he said.

Last week, Virginia and Amtrak announced the successful negotiation of a new intercity passenger-rail service. The Roanoke extension is the latest step in providing additional intercity passenger rail service to major rail corridors, Amtrak officials said.