Greenberg Train Show at Chantilly Caps Off Busy Summer of Model Train Activities

By Chip Deyerle – August 27, 2012

The Dulles Expo Center, just off Virginia Route 28 and in the shadow of Dulles International Airport, hosted the last season GreenbergTrain Show for 2012 at Chantilly.  The parking lot, as usual, was crowded on the first of a two-day show.  Lots of tots, model train collectors and model enthusiasts were crowding through the door just prior to lunchtime.

Some of the highlights of the show had to be the hand-powered cars set up for kids to propel around a railed track. Seated, the kids propelled the “railcar” on which they were riding by turning what looked to be a bicycle gear by hand. They appeared to be having great fun and a lot of excess energy was burned off.

At the back of the show room, a single bicycle was set up with a small bike generator which powered upa train layout and caught the attention of several children.

Unique to this show was a Z-scale train lay out which is actually almost half again as small as N-gauge. In the future, a maintenance yard will be added along with other features to the layout. Amazingly small, this miniature model train would seem to be very difficult to manipulate and the modeler would need to have very good vision in order to couple cars and re-track unit’s gone afoul. It seems that Marklin also produces some Z-scale. Order up a copy of the magazine  ZTrack, the magazien for Zscale Model Railroading. Fascinating!!

Other layouts were also prominently displayed by National Capital Railroad Modelers including N-gauge, HO-gauge, 0-gauge, Standard Gauge, and Garden Gauge.  The several model railroad clubs who participated are to be saluted for the great train layouts set up and running throughout both days of the show.  Tremendous dedication to modeling and great attention to detail was very obvious as was the care and the operation.

This show also provided great opportunities for vendors to sell their equipment.  Some dealers and collectors were willing to deal, while others stuck to some very inflated prices for what they were trying to sell.

Thankfully there was at least one author present – Jay Hersch.  Jay’s new book was available, entitled “Phantomrail-the railroad that never was”. This is a story about Highland County, Virginia, and the many efforts made by the county to attract rail service to one of the most beautiful spots in America, nestled in the famed Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Jay has skillfully written this short masterpiece based on his research of many sources, including interviews and official county records.  You can obtain a copy of the book in paperback or kindle through                       

If you are interested in perhaps the widest range of railroad books and publication, go to the website  and check out the listings provided. is the e-mail; address to use if you need help locating a book on railroading.

While the Dulles Expo center wasn’t exactly full, there were a lot of people throughout both days.  The Greenberg Train Show should return in mid to late January of 2013.

Some big shows coming up are sponsored by the National Collectors Club, as follows;

The Toms River Train and Toy Show – Elks Lodge, 600 Washington Street, Toms River, NJ (Sunday) Sept 23, 2012

The Wayne Train Show – Wayne P.A.L. Hall, Wayne, NJ – September 30, 2012., Bick NJ –

The Brick Train Show – Brick Elks Lodge, 291 Hooper Av, Brick, NJ. -November 4, 2012